Hush Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick

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Hush Hush
By Becca Fitzpatrick

For weeks I have been searching for a book that encompassed the unbridled passion, Jennifer Armentrout translated through her fervent love-sick teenage characters in the Obsidian and Half blood series. I was unsuccessful. I read vampire books, dystopian, zombie and many fallen angel stories and none of them triggered that tingle of butterflies in my tummy the same…until Hush Hush.

I have to be honest; I don’t really care for the whole fallen angel genre. I can suspend disbelief, but for some reason, I am not moved by stories of angels who have been cast out and mate with mortals. Regardless, this tale really grabbed hold of my emotions and dragged me along for one very twisty, exciting, sexy ride.

I am not going to give you a synopsis of the story…you can find that on the dust cover. I will, however, let you know that I have a major book crush on the sharp-tongued and poorly named male lead, Patch. He is a fallen angel that I would love to meet in a dimly lit, smoky lounge, where all you can hear is his smooth voice whispering in one ear, while loud music blasts out your other. The cocky way he leads the protagonist closer to him, drawing her in with his quick wit and biting remarks, sends shivers down my spine. It’s not very romantic, but really, really hot. Don’t worry moms, it isn’t vulgar or demeaning, but it is steamy. The cat and mouse game never seems to get old.

Nora, who is the protagonist, is kind of weak, a common YA female character trait. Part of you loves her innocence, but you also want to strangle her. She is the type that runs left when she should clearly be running right, but it works in the end. They are teenagers after all and in real life, poor judgment is a flaw high schoolers have perfected. It is just hard to read as an adult, because that flight instinct is not always rational. Sometimes I want to see a real kick-ass chick.

The lurking mystery surrounding Patch was well crafted and there was a fluid continuity to the story. I loved that his hidden past posed questions about his intentions; intentions that will undoubtedly translate well in proceeding books. There are a couple other bad guys who lurk in the sidelines early on that really make the dénouement creepy and fulfilling. However, the overarching story is a tad bit predictable, but not enough to alter my feelings about the story. I didn’t need to have a big Scooby-Doo reveal to feel I got my moneys worth, when the developing relationship between Patch and Nora is more than enough.

All in all, it was a great read. Fast-paced and full of juicy dialogue without flowery, drawn out, unnecessarily descriptive passages. Beccas characters lead you through the story without much hand-holding and I really appreciate that in a YA novel. It doesn’t pretend to be something it isn’t and Becca Fitzpatrick brought a world to life without beating any dead horses.

Again, if you enjoy paranormal romances that aren’t bloated with prose, this might be a great choice for you. Now hurry up and release the final installment Becca…I can only hold my breath for so long.

Hush Hush (Book 1)

Crescendo (Book 2)

Silent (Book 3)

Finale (Title?)

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