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The strong, throw you against the wall and make you feel like a little woman, because it makes his daddy/mommy issues go away, leading man epidemic in writing is nothing new and Christian Grey from 50 Shades is not a novel character…he’s just a little more dramatic and sexed up. From Mr. Rochester to Mr. Big, writers have been creating cruel, controlling leading men that grow (with help from the kinda-strong damsel who is willing to challenge their boorish behavior) into gentle women-worshiping lambs for centuries – and now we notice?

But what is it that is finally drawing our attention? Is it Grey’s aggressive irrational reaction to a woman? Is it his wit and charm? Is it his power and money? Maybe it is the fact that he hits his women and…they like it, they really like it. Grey’s proclivity to torture little brown haired women that look like his crack whore mom is truly the only thing separating Edward Cullen (remember this is Twilight fan fiction) from Mr. Grey. He is a BDSM Dom with a tattered, beat-up conscience that has been waiting with “twitchy palms” for his Bella to free him from his demons so he can love her absolutely (as long as she doesn’t get out of line). Is this thousands of years of calculated submissive programing  rearing its ugly head and declaring that females are and have always wielded the power, or is this simply a stay at home mommy fantasy?

So, now that we know that women around the world (and a few men) love their male protagonists naughty and a little heavy-handed, here is a list of those who paved Christian Grey’s way. I have compiled a truncated catalog of other brooding ungentle-men of literary/Film past who have kept women salivating for centuries. Truly, the list is endless, but here are some notable ones.





Mr. Rochester

  • Controlling
  • Daddy issues
  • Cruel and Damaged
  • Arrogant
  • Morphs into the perfect man with the help and guidance of the chaste Jane
  • Wealth and power with many more beautiful women at his disposal






Mr. Big – Sex and the City (Yes, it was a book people)

  • Controlling
  • Philanderer
  • Wealthy and powerful and a modelizer
  •  Commitment-phobe
  • Arrogant
  • Morphs into the “hearts and flowers” fairytale






Edward Lewis – Pretty Woman Daddy issues

  • Controlling
  • Wealth and Power
  •  Cruel and Arrogant
  •  Doesn’t like to be touched
  •  Finds the girl of his dreams and treats her like property, but gives up to the fairytale in the end

Edward Cullen – Twilight

Mr. Darcy – Pride and Prejudice

Hamlet – Hamlet 


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