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As a Disney fanatic, I am always excited to see the newest Disney film. However, after watching the preview for John Carter, I was less than enthused. I found out from a student that the film was based on a novel (I was and am ashamed to admit I hadn’t heard of this one) called John Carter of Mars. So I decided before watching the movie, I would give the novel a try.

First, let me say that the novel is not one that I would have just picked up on my own. I’m not big into sci-fi/ space fantasy but, because Disney was making a movie of it, I figured I would at least give it a try. The novel was written in 1911 by Edgar Rice Burroughs. It was later retitled as “A Princess of Mars”. The novel chronicles the life of John Carter who is transported to Mars by a magic crystal and helps save the princess, the planet and marries her in the end. But, he is transported back to Earth on their wedding night and must spend the rest of his life trying to find a way back to Mars.

I’m sure in certain circles, the book is a huge success. It wasn’t my type of book but, as I said, the genre doesn’t exactly appeal to me anyway. Now- to the Disney movie- I saw the movie because I was interested in the way Disney would envision the creatures and the costumes. The story line remained practically the same as the book and, frankly, I preferred the 2 hour version of the novel compared to the novel itself.  The costumes appear a bit hokey but, it is a good representation of what life on Mars would have been expected to look like if we were in the 1911s.

I know that the Disney film bombed but that, in my opinion, is because of Disney’s lack of advertising. The movie had its moments of humor and a romance but, honestly, it is a one time experience (for me at least.)

And now- Please enjoy the wonderful posters I found online featuring John Carter of Mars. haha.



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