The Immortals: (Evermore)

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The Immortal Series: (Evermore, Blue Moon, Shadowland & Everlasting)

By, Alyson Noel

Now, I have to warn you that I am writing this review about the entire series; however, I didn’t read all the books. Simply put, I could not. Not because of any physical limitations, but I found the third installment rather boring and instead of suffering through two more sequels that were reviewed poorly, I just skipped to the end. That being, I can only really give you a solid review on four books and my overall opinion on the series as a whole.


The entire series is about two destined lovers trying to have sex, but failing book after book after book. It was agonizing on so many levels, more so than the annoyingly chaste Edward Cullen.


Evermore is the first in the Immortal Series. I won’t give you a rundown of what happens, because you can read (since you are this far into my post) and I think it is a complete waste of our time. I review, I don’t reiterate. Anyhow, I found this novel to be a sweet, sometimes sad and quick read. It wasn’t problem free, but nothing really is, right?

The characters were well written and I found it kind of nice to read about Laguna Beach, since it is so close to where I reside. Ever, the protagonist is a kind-hearted girl who endures substantial tragedy and is searching for a way to move on. Oh and she has the power to read minds, peoples auras and she is immortal.

The writer did a good job of showing Ever manifest pain through her closed off personality, distracting her heightened senses by shutting everything out. The only people she allows into her life were given very distinct voices, while the mean girls were written devilishly well. It made for a fun read. I also liked the relationship between Ever and her dead sister Riley, who still hangs around. The male protagonist Damen, was dark and alluring, leaving me curious and wanting to know more about his intentions. Overall, the book ended fairly, leaving me wanting more.

The next book, Blue Moon, was more exciting since all the introductions had been made and Ever had gone through a transformation. The pacing was quicker and it was filled with active scenes devoid of the young adult trap where writers fill pages with excerpts about how awful school lunches are, etc.

Ever, the protagonist, changed too. She metamorphosed from a closed off recluse, to a wildly in-love teenager hell bent on saving her boyfriends life and fixing her fate. The antagonist was cruel and kind of sexy, which made my anger grow with each page. Even the frustrating ending, which left many angry, me included, made me irritated just enough to see where the story was headed. I wanted (ever) more.

Unfortunately, what proceeded with Shadowland (book 3) was more of the same and less of the organic relationships developed in the previous novels. The story was too engineered leaving me wondering if Alyson Noel lost her creative voice. Not to mention it was way too long and a little boring. For instance, the magick (spelled as it was in the book) elements were a tad too hippy-dippy for my taste and explanations required long passages that came off contrived. I often skipped entire passages, just to further the plot along its beaten path. There was much talk about the power of crystals, book of shadows, reincarnation and new moons. Snooze. What made it worse was the fact that Ever made more of the same dumb mistakes she made in the previous books. It was absolutely maddening, leaving me no choice, but to skip ahead to the fate of the two destined lovers.

Everlasting, the sixth and final installment brought the story full circle and I was satisfied with the way things ended for Damen and Ever, but the trek there was a little preachy. I felt like the book was an explanation for everything that happened previously.

I did like that Ever was the finally finding some inner strength. Her instincts, which were completely off in every other book, were spot on in this one, while Damen was a little too weak for my taste. However, I was left feeling good about the path they chose and Alyson Noel left me satiated enough to where I don’t need to think about them anymore. There is no hunger to find out what eventually became of the star crossed lovers.

Overall, I would recommend the series, but you don’t really need to read all six books. It is satisfying enough to read a couple, peruse the reviews for synopses and cut to the chase with the final installment.

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