EASY by Tammara Webber

 In New Adult, Romance, Young Adult

I think it is safe to say that since January of this year (2012) I have read more than 120 books. I told you I was addicted and you didn’t believe me. Anyway, of those books there was one in particular that I was hesitant to read even though the reviews were phenomenal, not as good as Beautiful Disaster, but one that is climbing the ranks quickly. The cover (see above) depicts a cheesy looking guy kissing a girl. He had black Emo hair plastered against a profile that didn’t sit well for me. (Hey, if you are the cover model and are reading this, it’s nothing personal). For some strange reason this photo turned me off and therefore I didn’t want his peanut butter-face mixed up with my chocolaty romance. So I passed it up over and over again, until I just couldn’t look away any longer. Glad I chose to ignore my initial aversion because damn Easy was a great read.

Here’s what I loved: It took place on a college campus, the protagonist wasn’t whiny or obnoxious, she didn’t make (many) unwise decisions and she fought for what she liked. The protagonist male (Not the model) was intelligent, hardworking (not a billionaire) but damaged; however, he didn’t waiver in his beliefs and he was strong. He loved the girl and he fought for her (literally and figuratively) then taught her how to fight for herself. But what I found the most intriguing was the books honesty. Rape, murder, PTSD and betrayal are just some of the heavy topics the author chose to include, yet she didn’t make light of the situations with unrealistic solutions. Some students were nasty to the rape victims and doing the right thing wasn’t always the characters first choice, but this is real life people and tough choices are often met with great opposition, regardless of the heinousness of the situation.

Overall, this was a great love story, a tale of survival and an all around enjoyable read. I highly recommend checking out the mature young adult book, Easy.

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