Memoirs from a Tombstone: Death and Living Life with a Purpose

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The last few weeks have been tough on my husband and my families. Two very close relatives of my husband told us that they have cancer and yesterday morning, my great- aunt passed away. She was the last remaining relative of my grandmother. At the age of 88, my grandma has outlived her parents and all of her siblings. I have taken some time away from writing to contemplate all of this and it has occurred to me in all of these cases, the people that have passed away or are very sick have contributed something to the world that will be here after they are gone.

All of this thought made me question what I was doing with my life. As I have mentioned before, getting a job in one’s desired career field these days is pretty hard to do, and many people, as I have, have been looking at alternate ways of making money to deal with the impending student loans and cost of living in Southern California. If we are called to be writers and we are living our lives as a menagerie of other things, what will we leave to the world when our time on Earth is through? I would encourage each and every one reading the blog today to look at the bigger picture, not just today or tomorrow but what is the overall impact that you wish to leave on the world? Whatever it is… do it. Now, I am very much a realist and I understand that bills have got to be paid and you have to take whatever job you can get these days- we all do. What I am trying to say is… when you get home from that restaurant server job or whatever your “temporary” job is, start writing, painting, dancing, whatever you find your passion in. You don’t have to wait for the perfect scenario to do those things you love. Do them on the side… do them any moment that you can… because being happy is having a purpose and if you know what that purpose is, don’t wait another moment to begin.

I have struggled in this topic since graduating from grad school. If I had my way, I would have gone straight into teaching at a college level. However, getting a job in Southern California as a professor is extremely difficult these days. So, there was an amount of time where I was absent from this blog, because I was wallowing around my apartment not sure if I should even get out for the day. My problem: I didn’t have a purpose in front of me. Sure, I know that I have a calling and that I should be writing however, I felt like I needed to make money and writing, at least in the short term, doesn’t make enough money to pay off my student loan payments every month. So, I began taking jobs here and there and the days that I wasn’t busy, I’d sit at home and wallow in my sorrow. However, something has changed these last couple of days. I have realized through the death of one family member and the illness of other family members, that life is way too short to be depressed but I can assure you from my own experience, chasing after that purpose you feel within is the sure-fire way to find joy again. So, while I am taking jobs here and there, I am writing on the side, chasing the purpose that I believe I’ve been given. Whatever your purpose is, even if you have to start on the side, chase it with intensity.

Have hope and faith my friends that the economy WILL turn around and we will be able to get the jobs we want in due time… until then, pursue all that is good and gives you purpose and joy.

As a last note: I found these sayings on some tombstones online and I just HAD to share.

“Here lies the body of Johnathon Blake, stepped on the gas instead of the brake”

“He never killed a man that didn’t need killing” … wow…

“I’ll be right back after this message”

“Faults I may have, being wrong isn’t one of them”

“I told you I was Sick”

“I have nothing further to say”

And… My Favorite:

“Ma loves Pa, Pa loves Women. Ma caught Pa with 2 women swimmin’. Here Lies Pa…”

Here’s to a cheerful day after a not so cheerful blog post… Wishing everyone for their purpose to be revealed and that you will chase it wholeheartedly.

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