ONYX by Jennifer L. Armentrout

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Do you know that feeling you get when a book comes along and changes the game for you? Makes you feel like you were moved into feeling something you didn’t know existed? That is what Jennifer Armentrout did for me with both the Lux AND Covenant series. She left my head spinning and took my book crushes to a whole other (Stalkery) level. I found myself thinking endlessly about the plot and the characters…I became a total book creep. Look, this isn’t Anna Karenina and Miss Armentrout isn’t claiming to be penning literature that you will immediately find on every school book list, but they are fun, well written, quippy and wild.

I happened upon them after struggling with my inner romantic. I was writing my book and desperately needed inspiration for my love interests. Not knowing what to do, I decided to start reading romance novels till my blood turned to Hershey’s chocolate and my skin smelled of roses. I was hesitant at first because Obsidian (Lux novel #1) was listed as a paranormal romance which immediately brought about visions of alien teens humping in spaceships, but I am so glad I went against instinct, because Obsidian has easily become one of my favorite reads of the year turning me on into a paranormal romance fan (for the most part).

Part of the beauty of Armentrout’s story telling is that she sucks you into her world instantly and without pulling punches. Her world is so vivid that when I got to the final pages, I found myself slipping into  a semi-depression because I knew I would have to wait three to four months to find out what happened to the characters, to their world. Well, that LONG wait finally passed, I made it through alive (barely) and I just finished Onyx, the second installment. All I can say is WOW!

At first, I wanted to be mad. I felt that I would never be able to recapture the feelings that book one evoked. Love. Lust. Anger. I adored the male lead Daemon so much that I felt betrayed by his absence. In fact, I was worried I wouldn’t be able to continue my love affair with him because I wasn’t “in it” anymore. I was wrong. Jennifer is like a literary mob boss, pulling me back in so fast I forgot we spent any time apart. The best part was she didn’t waste countless pages bringing me up to speed with reiteration. Her passages sparked my memory and I was “in it” before I got to chapter 2.

Her writing is quick-witted, the pacing lightening fast, the story seamless, each character vivid, strong, and everything I loved about the first book returned with a vengeance in the second. Oh, did I mention it is sexy, very sexy…but age appropriate for the youngish readers. The heroine in this one ramps it up with new-found powers and Daemon is just as snarky and sexy as ever. The introduction of new characters ramped up the heat while the ending left my mouth gaping and my lungs gasping. The only downside to this novel was that it ended.

If you loved Obsidian and want more, buy it. If you love hot push and pull romances, buy it. If you love young adult books, buy it. If you love long novels without a plot, where leading men spend countless hours waxing poetic to a damsel in distress that doesn’t do anything other than whine…don’t buy it because this book is a wild ride that left me out of breath and begging for more. Thank you Jennifer Armentrout…now write faster.

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