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Chocolate is probably one of the most desired foods on earth and definitely one of the sexiest, yet I am not particularly fond of the confectionery treat. Unless under extreme duress, I would never eat a chocolate bar, in fact I would rather eat a vat of Lima beans, so it is really no wonder that I wasn’t head over heels for the book Seduction and Snacks (which surprised me since it received a 5 star rating on Amazon). Don’t get me wrong, the writing was well crafted and it was funny, really funny. In fact, there were some scenes that had me laughing aloud, (tear inducing, rib cracking belly laughs) but I feel the writer tried a little too hard to insert a ton of pop culture quips that eventually it annoyed me, overshadowing her crazy and hilarious dialogue and inner monologue moments.

It’s not like I couldn’t relate, I could, but that’s the problem, it wasn’t relevant to her characters generation. The author literally references a ton of movies from the 80’s and 90’s that might have had a memorable line or scene and at the very least a cult following that has since fizzled, (The Legend of Billy Jean – Cocktail – Heathers) which wouldn’t have been as annoying if the characters were in their 30’s, but they were 24-year-olds. (See my post about giving your character a relevant voice.) Fortunately I have a ridiculous mental catalog of 80’s and 90’s cinema, specializing in the teen greats (and otherwise), but most people don’t, especially gen Y’ers. After my recent stint in law school where I was rubbing elbows with 20-something’s it became blatantly clear young most adults under the age of 28 have a hard enough time identifying with the previous decade, forget about referencing obscure movie’s and bands from the 80’s & 90’s.

Other than the authors over-use of witty dialogue and banter I was annoyed that the story’s dénouement was in the beginning of the book leaving the last 3 quarters to focus only on developing character relationships with little to no conflict. I didn’t hate the odd writing pattern, in fact I give her credit for writing outside the box, but I wish it could have been a tad bit more interesting on the tail end. But on the bright side, the characters were lovable and her writing was great fun. I thought the book was a great start to what (with a little work) will become a very successful writing career. I definitely wouldn’t shy away from something else she penned.

That said, there is no doubt in my mind that this author and I would have a great time boozing it up and tearing up the town, because her irreverent/inappropriate humor and mine are eerily similar, I just wish it was age appropriate for her characters and a little less heavy-handed in the execution. Considering my gripes are the minority and taking the above warning into account, I would recommend giving the novel a try…if nothing else it will make you laugh.

Please be aware that this book does have several graphic love scenes and although they were tasteful, they were deliciously descriptive.

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