Writing requires inspiration that is not always easy to find. A writer must also be in a certain mood to build upon their imagination. As every writer does, I struggle with finding ways to harness my creativity and keep the process going, so I have decided to share some tactics I enlist to get my creative juices flowing as I tackle them. This is an ongoing project. Step by step.

Today isn’t about inspiration, but creating a mood. I need to craft an awesome ending that will do my story justice, so I am going to turn to music to help arouse the correct mood.

In the era of playlists it is easy to construct a hodgepodge of songs that suit whatever mood I need to create. Here is my recipe:

  • Figure out what emotions you need to conjure;
  • Peruse iTunes for music that matches those feelings (you may already own them);
  • Add songs to your iPod in a playlist (I pick music exclusive to the moment so the sentiment isn’t clouded);
  • Put ear buds in or blast out your neighbors;
  • Find a place to write; and
  • Type away.
Sara O'Connor
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