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Three quarters of the way to Burlington Vermont, without even making it off the first leg of my long flight I committed a huge, gigantic, enormous and utterly embarrassing epic FAIL. I lost my Kindle! I am now flying 35,000 feet above ground on the second leg of my trip, in an itty-bitty commuter plane that is shaking because of a storm, wondering how can I survive this vacation without my e-reader when I should be praying we even land this rinky-dink puddle jumper. But reading is what I do, it is my addiction and now I am sans books.

I feel absolutely naked and lost. Like a crack addict searching frantically through dingy shag carpet for the crack cocaine I dropped while disco dancing with my dealer. I am a panicking wreck. Granted, I have an iPad with a Kindle app on it and I can easily download what I was reading, bookmarks and all, it just goes beyond that. It’s principle and I feel like I am missing an extension of my person. I know it is my fault for not taking better care of my prized possession especially when this particular device is best used on vacations, but I still feel violated in some way. I know that somewhere out there, someone is reading MY books spending time with the novels that I got to take with me everywhere. Oh and did I mention it’s mine, dammit!

Anyway, I guess my stupidity and the fact that Delta swears they will try to get it back to me (yeah right…my faith in humanity is not that strong) leaves me with only one choice….upgrade to the Fire!

Sara O'Connor
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