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For a while now I have been seeing the name Abbi Glines floating around Amazon Books. I wanted to read her work, even downloaded the free previews, but never committed. For no reason really, other than I had a stack of YA sitting on my desk from the library waiting patiently for me to give them a go. Then, while searching for a fun summer read I remembered that I downloaded a sample of the Mature YA book While it Lasts and decided to give it go. Boy am I glad I did. From page one this book swept me up and dropped me smack dab in the middle of a very intriguing and sexy story and didn’t release me from its Kung-Fu grip until I was tapping furiously at the Kindle hoping for more. Just one more page…please.

The story is not your average sugary sweet YA retold a million times over (well it is, only a lot naughtier). It is sexy and well written, but intended for a VERY mature young adult, because the male protagonist has a dirty filthy mouth and slippery hands and the female protagonist loves it… frankly, so did I.

What I loved most about this book was female protagonists (Eva) inner strength. She loved deeply and lost tremendously, but continued to fight for what she wanted. She took chances and risked everything for her heart, while being smart and self-confident. The male protagonist (Cage) on the other hand was a total wanker (at first). He was the typical jerk trying (and succeeding) to remove the booty shorts from every girl on the planet…until he meets his match (literally) and falls head over heels. This book was sweet, sour, hot and messy all rolled into one well told romantic drama.

Yes, this is the same old story where the super hot bad boy is brought to his knees by an innocent yet beautiful farm girl, but so what. It was fun, sexy and mature…really mature. This book is the perfect end to your summer reading list, so for a good time read While it Lasts! You won’t regret it 😉

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