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As many of you know I write a lot about my reading obsession, which teeters on the precipice of addiction, an out of control preoccupation with literary works that if continued might require a full-scale intervention. Well I have come to a crossroads, an impasse of sorts and I am truly unsure of how to handle it. My shows have returned from a long hiatus, shows that I have equally obsessed over, which if attended to will undoubtedly cut into my treasured reading time.

I do not want to stop reading and don’t know how to tackle this monster conundrum. Do I dump my books for a hodgepodge list of television programs that is staggeringly long? A list so extensive my DVR might actually explode if required to store all of them for an uncertain amount of time, or do I watch them piecemeal while I continue to plant my nose in a book?

Here is a sampler of my TV lineup: Scandal, CSI, Criminal Minds, Homeland, Walking Dead, Revenge, Once Upon a Time, Dexter, Person of Interest, Scandal and Fringe (to name a few)

The idea of ignoring the list of books in my Kindle (actually iPad since some bottom feeder thief stole my e-reader) is sickening. I understand this most likely seems trivial, but breaking up with my book list is something I never thought I would have to do. I did not plan for this and I should have, so the fault lies solely with me.

I guess this is my self-imposed intervention and tonight I must bid my books (and brain cells) adieu as I temporarily put my iPad to sleep and turn on the boob tube.

Thank you for listening.

Sara O'Connor
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