Banned Book Tuesday: Where’s Waldo?

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Ok… this post made me laugh out loud. Yes, folks, “Where’s Waldo?” the popular children’s book, which requires children to build their cognitive skills by finding the man in the red and white shirt in a sea of random objects and people, has been on the Banned Book list in the past.

Why? Well, it has nothing to do with Waldo himself. The good ol’ guy is just standing around minding his own business after all. The problem is with some of the people that are in the scenes in which Waldo is hiding.

The most famous example is in the photo that I posted above. A woman is sunbathing without a bikini top and a little kid dumps water onto her back. She jumps up in surprise and the man staring at her is … let’s say… happy for the view. Now… how long would it take you to find that specific part of the scene? A while, I would imagine, considering how cluttered and crowded the above picture is. So, are those fighting to ban such books as “Where’s Waldo?” looking for something to pick on? Possibly.

Here’s a zoomed in photo of the area in question because you all know you would have tried to find it anyway.  🙂

See you next Tuesday!


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