Banned Books Week #3: The Hunger Games

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Wait… “The Hunger Games” is banned? How is that even possible? It’s available at every bookstore in the country and has inspired one of the top grossing series in the 21st century. Are you certain it is banned? Yep. “The Hunger Games” is on the top of the list as the #3 most disputed and banned book of 2011. It all started in New Hampshire when a mom went to the school board to complain that the series gave her 11 year old nightmares. Since then, every state has attempted to ban this book from schools and libraries.

So why is it so disputed? Even though the movie has made a fortune, the series is cited as being “satanic, anti-ethic, anti-family, and violent.” Ok- certainly it isn’t the best message to have teenagers killing each other for sport, however, they have no choice within the novel… the parameters have been set for them.  Ironically, banning this book would created just the society that is portrayed within the series- a society in which the government is fully in control of every move the citizens make.

So- what are we to do about it? The State of Texas has done something I find remarkable in the face of this ban. They have made posters in honor of Banned Book Week and have used the characters from “The Hunger Games” in order to show the detriment that Banned Books brings on society.

I have posted the pictures below: Enjoy!

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