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I loved Carrie, by Stephen King. It is one of my favorite books and definitely one of my top ten favorite horror movies of all times (Thank you Brian De Palma). The timeless anti-bullying story about a plain-Jane oddball telekinetic who wants so desperately to be normal, but can’t break away from her fanatical bible thumping creep show mom, and the mean girls at school, is such a thrilling and perfected tale. It is a pure mix of sinister, sad and creepy all rolled into one iconic package that was translated to celluloid flawlessly. Yet Hollywood feels they need a redo…again.

It wasn’t enough that they made the perfected story into a less than mediocre made for television movie, or that they thought it deserved a sub par sequel, now they need to recreate 1970’s magic by forcing yet another telling. I don’t understand this infatuation with reinventing the wheel, but Hollywood thinks youngsters aren’t smart enough to dig into the not so distant catalog of movies-past to find gems. Don’t get me wrong, I love Julianne Moore and Chloe Moretz and although they are great casting choices, they are stepping into shoes that are already filled faultlessly.

Look, I am not going to bash it before it comes out and I am certainly not going to judge it based on a seconds long teaser (watch it above), I am just sighing for what already exists. I just hope the effortless performance given by Sissy Spacek and Piper Laurie’s tribute to evil will not fall away because the shiny new F/X extravaganza draws attention away from a classic that should be celebrated for eternity. I mean come on, this is the movie that showcased The Great American Hero’s talent for picking powder blue tuxedos and launched the career of newbie John Travolta.

So I am asking – no begging, if you are an adult who grew up with fond memories of this chilling adaptation, please pass it on to future generations. I am not asking you to discourage this yet to be seen remake, instead, ensure the classic is not filed away in the annals of history with other forgotten classics.

That is all…Carrie on!

Sara O'Connor
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