China’s Mo Yan: Nobel Prize in Literature 2012

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Hurray! It’s Nobel Prize Day and the world has a new nobel prize winner- China’s Mo Yan. What I find interesting about this winner is that he is often banned and censored for his commentary regarding the Chinese government. Fun Fact: Mo Yan is a pen name which translates to “Don’t Speak”, an interesting and appropriate name for a writer who criticizes his homeland’s government. So, how does he get away with it? Apparently, his works, which are filed with political and social commentary, show the negatives of the government during hallucinations and dream-like scenes. Although he has won the most prestigious academic prize on the planet, his own country of China has not allowed any plays or novels since 1986. Why? He often criticizes China’s single child law and strict policies.

Gliterary Girls sends a congratulatory shout out to Mo Yan. 🙂

Famous English/American Authors who have won the Nobel Prize:

1907- Rudyard Kipling

1923- Willaim Butler Yeats

1925- George Bernard Shaw

1930- Sinclair Lewis

1948- T.S. Eliot

1949- William Falkner

1953- Sir Winston Churchill

1954- Ernest Hemmingway

1962- John Steinbeck

1969- Samuel Beckett

1993- Toni Morrison

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