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ImageAlthough I love to talk about books and help friends find books specific to their taste, there is one novel that over that past 3-4 years, I have referred every girlfriend I know to read: Francine Rivers’ “Redeeming Love.” It is a Christian novel that takes place in the old west. (Sounds like a very strange combination and boring… but trust me, it’s anything but that)

The novel is so relatable, for me, because it hits so many of the elements of the human spirit. The feelings of hopelessness, desperation, unworthiness, and fear. There is indeed a love story that combats all of these feelings but it is not from the love that the main character finds worthiness- she gains that sense of self-worth through her own changes- mentally and physically. Angel is a young girl who was sold into prostitution at an early age and has developed a vision of degradation because of her situation. Michael Hosea is a simple farmer who has the characteristics that would make any woman fall in love with him. When these two meet, it is a story worth reading.

I was given this book by a friend. We were perusing Barnes and Noble one day and she picked the book off the shelves and told me that it was her favorite book. I responded that I had never read it. She marched right to the check out counter, paid for it, slipped it in my hands and told me to tell her when I had finished. 3 days and 500 pages later, I was hooked. I was transformed and a firm believer in Francine Rivers’ ability to tell a story with conviction. Since that day, I have given the book as gifts multiple times and have told basically every other woman that asks for a book recommendation that this is a “must read”.

It is the perfect inspirational book for those who believe or even want to believe in God’s power of forgiveness and our own humanity. The values of forgiveness, surrender and love are deeply steeped within the novel. If you have read this novel before, I would love to hear your response to it.

Wishing you all the best and happy reading 🙂

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