Modern Fairy Tales Part 1: Cinderella

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LOVE fairy tales… I see them every where I look. While in grad school, I had the opportunity to take a class specifically on the real fairy tales (which were much more scary than the Disney version, I’m afraid) Of course, there are the obvious versions of fairy tales that have made their way onto our TVs: “Once Upon A Time” (One of my favorites by the way) and the new series “Beauty and the Beast” (I have not seen this one yet!) along with the movies “Beastly”, “Red Riding Hood”, and “Snow White and the Huntsman”. But I’m going to start a new series about modern fairy tales… where we see an interpretation of the classic fairy tale in our culture today. We are going to start with my very favorite fairy tale: Cinderella.

The modern interpretation that I LOVE is a Cingular commercial. The commercial is a comical take on Cinderella that we know based on the Grimms Brothers version on the story. This version of the fairy tale exchanges the glass slipper for a cell phone, our modern convenience used as a commodity that shows status. For example, those with an iphone or blackberry are generally perceived to be in higher careers or in college in order to better themselves. The “stepsisters” and “prince” are dressed in a dresses and a suit like they just came from the ball while Cinderella is inside listening to her ipod and mopping in sweats. The stepsisters act as obnoxious and narcissistic as any viewer would imagine, pushing in order to be in the front and get the most attention from the prince. Whenever the prince asks any question, they answer as absurdly as possible while making it obvious that they are just guessing. The commercial is obviously for a cell phone so instead of the stepsisters trying on the slipper (and cutting their toes off to fit in…ew!) they are asked questions based on the medianet on the cell phone and they must then attempt to guess. The shout out to Cosmopolitan on her home page speaks to our culture today relying on magazines and media outlets for dating, shopping, and dieting advice. This commercial is a comical version of Cinderella to show this culture’s priorities of cell phones, ipods, and advice columns in magazines.

Link to commercial can be found here:

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