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Good morning all,

Recently I have been going through a physicality revamp. I am taking my body and face to the next level…or perhaps a better description would be taking myself to a level I was once at but chose to ignore. For lack of a better term, I am re-youngifying myself. Not in the way middle age men purchase Ferrari’s and grow duck-tails, but I am re-examining how people see me (how I view myself) and am making changes accordingly. This is wholeheartedly superficial, but it might be entertaining because I do like to poke fun at myself. So, if you get a sec, check out my lifestyle blog, I will be documenting my metamorphoses – with photos too – eek! I will NOT be leaving 2 Gliterary Girls, just adding to my writing repertoire…in other words, spreading myself thin.

Follow this link:  Girl Uninterrupted

Hope to see you there soon.

Sara 😉

Sara O'Connor
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