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Two years ago I received the Stephenie Meyer book The Host as a gift. I had been wanting to read it, but for some reason the 600+ page monster of a book just never became a priority. Not because I didn’t like the Twilight series…I did (even I flinch when I admit that). The Twi-Saga was a series mediocre YA books, which I found entertaining, trite and incredibly sappy, but I didn’t hate them. (And I hated The Notebook because it was too sentimental…go figure)

The Host was Stephenie’s first attempt to write for the adult genre and the body-snatchers storyline piqued my interest. It reminded me of Steven King’s The Dream Catcher (the movie was a flop but the book was cool) and so I put The Host on my reading list. I like the idea of alien bodies capturing hosts to take over the world while battling internally for control of the human form and thought her mature audience choice wouldn’t taste so saccharine.  I didn’t have high expectations, but I hoped this book would separate Stephenie’s previously drooling sappy young adult voice from her adult narrative. I was so wrong. It should have been named Twi-Host. But before I give you the bad, let me share the good…because it didn’t last long.

GOOD: For the first 70 pages, I was sold. I liked her writing and thought the character development between the captive host and the foreign intruder was interesting.

BAD: Then the love kicked in around page 80 and I promptly proceeded to barf roses. It was so sickeningly sweet that my teeth began to rot. Think long drawn out scenes where a sparkly vampire tells his high school sweetheart that he cannot live without her…I know wrong book, but same idea. The longing between the two love interests was SO over the top that I literally forced myself to trudge through the following three chapters. Why you ask? Well, the lead character was 17 and the boy she loved was 25…inappropriate much? Definitely. However, he refuses to have sex with her! Don’t buy it? Neither did I. She, just like Bella, begs the predator to deflower her and like the very chaste Edward, he refuses for moral reasons. Seriously? They are the last two people left on earth and he refuses to procreate until she is legal. COME ON! Those concepts alone did me in, so I closed the book and have never looked back. I might have missed my chance to read greatness because I only made it approx 200 or so pages in, but I just couldn’t do it, read another word that is. I tapped out and have shelved Stephenie Meyer permanently.

Take your chances with it if you wish, but I don’t recommend it. Instead go see the movie that comes out in the Spring (Movie poster below) because frankly it couldn’t be worse.

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