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As many of you know, I love my Kindle. I take it with me almost everywhere and since I read more than I can afford, it has truly paid itself off. Therefore, you can imagine how desperate I felt after a Delta employee decided to keep it from me (or not even attempt to find it). Me, its rightful and faithful owner/companion. You see I left it on the plane, right in that backseat compartment where the Skymall catalog sits. With a child, three bags, a connecting flight to catch and a row of anxious people waiting patiently (except for the creepy blonde guy that kept insisting he help) I stuffed it inside, just for a moment, while I yanked my daughters backpack out from under the seat.

Bags in hand, kid in tow, connecting plane to catch, we raced through the gate and down the hall to our awaiting flight. Not even 15 minutes later, it hit me. I LEFT MY BABY!!! No not my child, but my Kindle (sorry for the heart attack Mom).

Rushing to the gate with heart in hand, I pleaded with the first kind looking Delta attendant I could find. “Please Miss. I left my Kindle on the previous flight. In the front compartment, not even 15 minutes ago. I use it for my work.”

“Don’t worry sweetheart.” Her face lent me so much hope. “It’s still being prepared for the return flight to Los Angeles. I will just call over there, get them to pull it and when you get to your destination, call this number.” She handed me a bunch of numbers and codes. “and they will either send it back to you or get you come pick it up at the airport.”

Exhale. “Thank you so much.”

It’s been three weeks since someone took my Kindle from the plane. It’s been three long weeks since Delta has done nothing about it. It has been three long weeks; two phone calls, two reports, four tweets and now this open letter, since Delta stole my Kindle. A Kindle that now cost me $1200.

Thank you Delta for never calling me back – for the movie that I paid $6 for so my daughter could be entertained, only to learn after the purchase that she couldn’t see the screen from her low seat– for the $50 I spent to check ONE bag – for the 5 peanuts and a cookie  – for the theft of my Kindle.

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