Don’t know what to write about? Can’t come up with a great story, but know there is one in you? Then go look for it, because inspiration surrounds us all. Most likely it won’t be in that Starbucks you waste your day away in while playing Words With Friends instead of typing that great American novel. So get in your car, on your bike or on the subway and find what you are looking for. Interact with people you normally wouldn’t interact with. Get out of your rut and daily rigmarole. Mix it up with new places, new people and new experiences.

Get your coffee at a truck stop diner instead of The Coffee Bean and sit at the counter taking in the world around you. Hear the stories. Spend the day in the park with the old guys that chess or practice Tai-Chi and ask them questions about their lives. Step way out of your comfort zone. If you are a wine and cheese guy/gal go to a dive bar. If you like nice quiet nights in bed with a good book, head out with a group to the theater.

I know many writers are introverts (not me) and this kind of soul-searching can be difficult, but you can find a lot of great characters and storylines by talking to people, people you don’t know and maybe wouldn’t want to, but interacting outside of your normal tradition. Christian? Go to Temple. Atheist? Go to church. I think you get the idea.

Look, if you don’t get inspired from this switch up, at least you will have learned something new about things you may never have encountered. Think of it as a personal growth project. Now get off your computer and experience life.

Sara O'Connor
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