Audio Books: Love ’em or Hate ’em?

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So here’s the thing: I’m very much an old fashioned person. I hate change. I really do. Remember, I’m the half of 2 Gliterary Girls that does not own an e-reader. I like all of my books to be in my hands so that I can turn the pages myself. I have never bought an audio book. I actually tried borrowing one once from the library. Remember the library experience that I posted on here? The one where the newest book was from several years ago? Yeah, that experience. Well, I borrowed a fairly recent (as in 2010) audio book of a Nicholas Sparks’ novel. I can honestly say that I have no idea which one it was… all I can recall is that the novel took place in the South and whoever the single actor was providing all of the voices tried his best to copy the accent of a Southern Belle when he was obviously a man from New York. His “drawl” was so atrocious that I could pick out pieces of “ayyy” and other telltale signs that he was so not cut out to be the voice of an entire book worth of people, all with southern accents. That lasted for about an hour in my car. After that, I just began to laugh whenever the love interest heroine would “speak” because really, the guy with his awkward falsetto wannabe southern accent would make me uncomfortable. The audio book was promptly returned. I don’t know what happened in the book and frankly, I don’t care. It was ruined for me.

So, I guess I have a predisposed notion that I don’t like audio books now although, it is all based on one attempt to listen to one. If I liked them, my life would be somewhat more entertaining. In my days of going to college, I had about an hour each way to drive to school. Listening to an audio book might have been fun and enlightening, but I didn’t. I want to like them… they really would be quite convenient.

Which brings me to my point of this post. So, my birthday passed about 3 weeks or so ago now and my Aunt and Uncle gave me an Audio Book for my birthday. This is my second chance to love or hate audio books forever. The good news is: 6 different actors read the voices. Thank Goodness. From reading the back of the cover, I have discovered that the characters are partially American, Partially British. I don’t think I could make it through if the accents are terrible but we shall certainly see. I think I will start listening to them today. I will write a follow up blog when finished to let you know my final thoughts on audio books. Will they be forever banned from my life? Will I love them? Update to follow!

What are your thoughts on Audio Books? Do you love them or hate them?

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