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Alright… I have saved this one specifically for this week because the last installment in the Twilight series is being released this weekend. I know that most of the serious readers on here are scoffing at Twilight being featured on this blog but I have to admit that beside the fact that I consider myself a “serious” literary critic, I also love pretty much anything pop culture. Let’s face it, we’d be fooling ourselves if we try to say that Twilight hasn’t been a pop culture phenomenon. I, personally, have indeed read all of the books, and have seen all of the movies. We have previously discussed how the Harry Potter series has been banned for religious reasons, however, I had to find out why in the world Twilight  would be banned.
Twilight has been banned not only in America, but around the world for one reason: it is just too sexual. I have to scoff and completely disagree… Twilight is no 50 shades of Grey. There is no overt sex scene… nothing graphic whatsoever that is sexual.  First of all, it was written by a Mormon mother who preaches in the text that pre-marital sex is bad and true love will wait. On Bella and Edward’s honeymoon, when they are finally allowed to be sexual, the scene opens on the aftermath of the night before. There is a broken bed, feathers floating from the ripped-apart pillows, and Bella’s bruises (albeit… awkward but not sexual…).  In the same way that I excused Harry Potter for some of its “religious atrocities”, Twilight should be forgiven, no matter what the case, because, let’s face it, the book has caused children/teenagers to read where they might spend their time facebooking instead.
Of course, Twilight does have its problems… most things have to do with the way that Bella is portrayed, the power struggle (or lack of) between Edward and Bella, and, of course, the writing but, that is not the point of this blog. The point is to expose the books that have been banned and why the ALA deems these books to be improper for audiences to read. While I may be going to the movies this weekend for entertainment and little laughs, I will certainly be seeing Breaking Dawn Part 2 in order to say goodbye to one of the most influential book/film series and pop culture phenomenons of the last 5 years.
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