Chick LitThough I am unabashedly a classics type of girl, I find a joy in reading my fair share of chick-lit novels. I know, I know…how could someone who considers themselves to be a “serious reader” indulge in chick lit? Well, #1) they are fun to read; #2) I LOVE a girl meets guy story. The more sugary and sweet – the better; #3) although they generally have a love interest, they are not part of the romance genre because they heroine’s relationships with family are friends are often central to the story and I LOVE that about these books; and #4) in my own defense, Jane Austen was essentially the mother of all chick-lit. Think about it. 😉

So, for today’s post, I am listing my top 10 favorite Chick-Lit novels to date. This list can always change as I am reading up on what’s new but here is my list up to now.

#10) In Her Shoes By: Jennifer Weiner
#9) Love the One You’re With By: Emily Giffin
#8) Chasing Harry Winston By: Lauren Weisberger
#7) One for the Money By: Janet Evanovich
#6) Confessions of a Shopaholic By: Sophie Kinsella
#5) Bridget Jones’ Diary By: Helen Fielding
#4) The Nanny Diaries By: Emma McLaughlin
#3) The Devil Wears Prada By: Lauren Weisberger
#2) Can You Keep A Secret? By: Sophie Kinsella
And #1) Something BorrowedBy: Emily Giffin

Why do I love reading Chick Lit? I love it because it is the telling of a witty, romantic story. It is the book genre of the ever-popular Romantic Comedy. It gives hope to those looking for love. They are a fun way to read a romantic story without feeling like you are reading a book with Fabio on the cover. A good, funny, sweet chick-lit book can make a bad day disappear and you can go into a world where there is romance, friendship, and a completely different atmosphere. That’s why I love chick lit. It’s not just about the “romance”, it’s about the relationships, romantic or friendship, that keeps the story going.

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