ELIXIR: by Jennifer Armentrout

 In Romance YA, YA Paranormal, Young Adult

bb3b5407bc8026aabd5d5fa749cd0f41Thank Gods, for the novella Elixir. If you read my review of Deity then you will understand the level of relief I felt after reading this 80 page lifesaver. Deity ended on such a momentous cliffhanger that I almost choked. It was like a HBO series that goes on hiatus for 1 year after breaking earth-shattering news, with no resolution! Luckily, Armentrout isn’t a sadist and gave us a healthy respite for our long-suffering.

Elixir, takes the cliff we are hanging off and lowers it toward the ground…a little. Armentrout gives us a modicum of hope and I snatched it greedily. So, if you are J.L. Armentrout fan and you have read the rest of the series, you can get her novella for FREE at the Spencer Hill Press website I have linked for you here.


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