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December 25th is a pretty amazing day. And I am not referring to the Jesus’ birthday party…instead, the day To Kill A Mockingbird was released on the big screen. 50 years ago this year. Two Years after the book release and one year after Ms. Lee’s Pulitzer, Gregory Peck revealed his flawless Atticus performance to the world; we finally put a face to Jem, Scout and their guardian angel Boo and watched as redemption, justice and love worked its way through the fictional town of Maycomb Alabama, overpowering a disgusting display of racism.

No I wasn’t alive for its premiere, but I didn’t have to be to appreciate this masterpiece. This movie and book transcends time. It isn’t one of those stories or films that my daughter will scoff at because old people wrote it. It will be respected because the content is relevant even in a time where an African-American is the leader of the free world. By holding up ugly reminders of our prejudiced past, it shows us the power words have on the universe. In fact the life lessons in this classic are endless.

Pick it up and read it again. If you haven’t had a chance yet….well, it’s never too late.

Thank you Harper Lee.

Sara O'Connor
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