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ImageI have reviewed several of Karen Kingsbury’s novels previously. On the whole, I LOVE Karen Kingsbury. I think she is enlightening, charming and uplifting. So, imagine my enthusiasm when her newest novel The Bridge was announced and it was combining some of my favorite elements: Romance and a Bookstore. I had to have it! So, I pre-ordered the book, waited patiently for the release date, and picked up my fresh-off-the-press copy. This last weekend, I went on a girls’ trip to the wine country here in California for a bachelorette weekend. I took my brand new book with me on the train because 1) the train is ABSOLUTELY the best place in the world to read and 2) because I could relax and focus completely on a book about bookstores… LOVE!

Well, I finished the 230 page book in a little under 2 hours… that’s not a good sign. I don’t like to write negative reviews but in this case, It has to be done.

What I DID like about The Bridge

1)   It was about a bookstore

2)   The main character, Charlie, was a loveable old man that I would love to meet.

3)   Charlie loves his customers like his own family. I love that aspect of the plot.

4)   It was during the season of Christmas (I like Christmas… what can I say?)

What I DID NOT like about The Bridge

1)   Pretty much every character is as flat as my T.V.

2)   I find it unbelievable that the “love interest” in the novel is two 27 year olds who don’t have email, facebook, or any sort of personal social media whatsoever (which does play into the plot). If they really have been obsessing over one another for the last 7 years, you’d think they’d at least once ATTEMPT to Facebook stalk one another… but no.

3)   It is WAY too convenient the way everything wraps up and becomes “happily ever after” in the last 10 pages.

4)   I felt absolutely no emotional connection to any character but Charlie.

All in all, I do not recommend this book whatsoever unless you don’t have a great attention span because this book is extremely basic without any surprises and is a quick read because of its lack of depth. I grew quiet tired of Molly and Ryan (the love interests) quoting classics as their dialogue as though anyone who reads books walks around not speaking in their own language but like they lived 200 years prior and can eloquently quote obscure quotes from Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights, and Treasure Island. Although I was excited to have a fresh-released book, it was not worth the wait. Oh well! Can’t win them all!

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