Watching the election last night was very inspirational for me for two reasons. One, I based many of the key elements of my book around political strife, change and hope; and two, because I realized the magnitude of inspiration one can mine just by working outside of ones comfort zone is staggering. People who give to others by providing moments of their own time not only have a broader perspective on life, but also beautiful stories of pain, healing, growth, achievement, hope and so much more and what better time to get involved.

Heal your spirit and find your voice by helping others. Sandy must have given us enough to do. Too far away, try a local nursing home, battered woman’s shelter, homeless shelter, become a big brother or sister. The ideas are endless and the experience will change your life and those you help. Try it out and don’t be a passive hand, reach out and speak up. So many people are just looking for another a way to tell their story and who better to listen than a writer looking for their influence?

We would love to hear about it too, so get out there and help.

Sara O'Connor
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