book journalsIt is December, which means that Christmas and Hanukkah gifts are being bought around the world. Only 19 more days until Christmas day and as I am sitting here at my computer trying to figure out what I am buying my family for Christmas, I thought it might be a fun post to pass on some ideas for those boyfriends/girlfriends/husbands/wives/parents/family members of book lovers. Of course, a good ol’ fashioned Barnes and Noble Gift Card is always appreciated (or Amazon gift cards these days), with those gift cards aside, here’s my recommendations of book-lover approved items.

Under $100:

  • Note Cards: I am always a fan of note cards because I think a hand written note beats a text/email any day. If the cards have a quote from one of my favorite authors or books, then I’ll be twice as excited!
  • Journals: What writer doesn’t love to have something handy to write down their thoughts when inspiration hits? Giving a journal is always appreciated and used.
  • Kindle Cover: I know that many of my friends love their kindle and a cover for their beloved accessory could be a great idea.
  • Quote Necklace: I LOVE anything that has one of my favorite quotes on it. If I could find a necklace with a Jane Austen quote on it, I’d be a happy camper! J
  • Book Tote: I love the book totes and Barnes and Noble! I currently have a Gone with the Wind tote that I take everything in whenever I need another bag.
  • Book Mark: Because I’m a girl who really enjoys simple things, a book mark with a photo of my favorite book, maybe a favorite actor, a favorite quote, anything that makes me know that the person who picked it out really knows me, is a wonderful gift.
  • Personal Library Kit: I know that I often lend books out to friends and never get them back. This would be a great idea to keep track of my books and put a name card on the inside of them.

Over $100:

  • Kate Spade Book Clutches: Have you seen these? I have the Emma clutch and I ADORE it!
  • A literary cruise­: yes, these exist. How fun would that be?
  • Book Baskets: Such as the ones on Book Bouquet and Enchanted Bookery are amazing!
  • Digital E-Reader: I know this is likely stating the obvious but most people today want a book at their fingertips at all times. An e-reader is a great gift  for a big reader that has not yet taken the plunge into the electronic realm.

I hope that this list is helpful for all those shopping for gifts out there.

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