Happy Birthday Mom, Love Sara

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December third is quite a remarkable day…for my family at least. It is the day the two most important women in my life were born, my daughter and my mother. My daughter, well she is magical. A true light on the world and a reminder of everything I did right. With one smile she evokes such passionate emotions that only a mother can truly understand, but my influence on her is a mirror of the gifts my mother bestowed upon me.

Five years ago my mother’s birthday graciously took to the sidelines for the sake of a little girl who unintentionally stole everyone’s attention away. So today I am shining that light back on my mom, Wendy Cottam.

My mother Wendy, or Nana to my daughter (a job of most importance) is a leader in literacy who devoted her life to making sure children all over the world understood the power and magic contained within the pages of books, an educator with an astounding education and a wife who gives selflessly everyday to ensure a happy home. My mother never ceases to amaze everyone she touches. She fosters my passion writing by being my loudest cheerleader and is the reason I strive to achieve more and expect nothing less than the best from myself and my loved ones. She never gave up hope on my abilities, even when I challenged her every step of the way. And although, she is not always as patient with me as I would like, or doesn’t like to admit defeat (and sometimes mom, your daughter might just know more 🙂 ) and sometimes our personalities are too similar to be wholly copacetic, she has and always will be a tremendous source of strength and inspiration.

Thank you mom for being there for me when things got murky, for believing in me when I had trouble believing in myself (even if it was via tough love), and for being a great friend.

I love you very much and I wish more than anything that you lived closer. Happy Birthday!


Sara O'Connor
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