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6101195-amazon-kindle-fire-hd-7-standing-leather-case-fuchsia-will-only-fit-kindle-fire-hd-7Christmas was very good to me. I had a rough year after the loss of my beloved Kindle and it put me in a very prickly position with my family. Being a book blogger, my time is consumed with reading and writing and since there was only one tablet in the house…well, my husband and my kid rarely got to spend time with it. Sad story indeed. But that is over now and I am once again back in their good graces. 🙂

Not only did I get a Kindle, but my awesome in-laws got me the Kindle Fire HD! I can’t say enough good things about it. Just short of laundry, that thing does everything and then some. Almost all of my apps on the iPad were replaceable and the interface is rather simple (it doesn’t beat the layout of the iPad, but it is definitely a contender). The only downfall (and it is just a minor bump, because surely Amazon will create some upgrade that will eventually fix it…hint, hint) is that the book section doesn’t have a function that categorizes the novels like the regular Kindle does. Another minor and totally forgivable gripe.

The pic above is not my device, but mine is identical…even the case is the same. The screen protector puts the machine into sleep mode when covered and it is super thin, making the regular Kindle Fire look like you’re carry around a copy of War and Peace. I totally recommend it to all you bibliophile’s!

Great way to kick the year into high gear! Hope your holiday was as fruitful and would love to hear your stories.

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