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cover23218-mediumLUST UNLEASHED

Author: Desiree Holt
Rating: 3 out of 5 Stars
Genre: Erotic Fiction (Paranormal)
Format: EBook
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave Romantica Publication
Release Date: June 18, 2012
Recommended Reading: 18+



THE GIST: If you can get past the repetitious (and kind of cheesy) ‘El Chupacabra’ and ‘Devil Beast’ references that are buried smack dab in between a shape shifter and self-proclaimed “half-breed” going at “it” doggy style in graphic (yet hot) detail, then this one is right up your alley. I tried and tried to move past it but only ended up feeling dissatisfied. Look, the book wasn’t bad, in fact the characters were likeable, the story was interesting and the setting was vivid, I just felt it was missing something.

SYNOPSIS: “Jonah Grey, driven by a lust for the blood of the legendary Chupacabra that murdered the woman who was to be his mate, jumps at the offer to leave the FBI and join Night Seekers, who are dedicated to hunting and killing the devil beast. Then Jonah encounters a woman with whom he shares explosive chemistry that neither can deny—and sex that brings a level of pleasure neither has ever known. Soon he’s dividing his time and indulging in erotic bouts of orgasmic lust with Dakota. But the devil beast must still be dealt with, and the wolf in Jonah won’t rest until the Chupacabra is dead.” (NetGalley)

THE LOWDOWN: There is a scene in the beginning of this story where the shape shifter, who is in wolf form, sits outside the window of an unknown woman’s house. He immediately feels attracted to her and his man parts grow as a result, only they aren’t man parts, they are wolf and my mind immediately went to that gross place you shouldn’t go to while reading an erotic book. It sucked me out of the moment and I had a hard time trying to get back into it. But that wasn’t the reason why I mildly “liked” this book. It felt rushed. They meet, they hook up and it felt forced and inorganic to the story. Everything was wrapped up tight.

On the flip side, this book had a great underlying story. There is a monster, killing town folk by sucking them dry and ripping out their innards, leaving no trace behind for detectives to work off. The killer simply vanishes. Instead of just writing a description of what happens, the writer takes you inside the head of the beast, which I found vivid and engaging. It made me want to know more about the killing machine.

I also found that each character personality met the needs of their intended partner perfectly, each ripe with issues to work through. They were complex, multidimensional and not simply a billionaire and his 20 something concubine. The ending wrapped up rather quick, but this is a series so I look at this draft as an introduction of things to come. Perhaps, the next book will take a closer look at the psychology of these complex characters and focus on building plot, because it is pointed toward the right path, now it just needs to follow through.

If you like your men alpha (literally) and your sex scenes plentiful and unabashedly naughty…well Allora’s Cave will never let you down and neither will Lust Unleashed.

Sara O'Connor
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