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drunksantaFor many, ’tis the season – for ulcers, family arguments, dried turkey and thankless gift receivers. For others, this is truly the most joyous season of all, bringing beloved family together and celebrating the year with those you love. Whatever side of the holiday fence you fall on, use that dread/joy to motivate and inspire creativity.

What better time really? You are surrounded by a bunch of friends and family members you might not otherwise have the opportunity to talk to in such depth. Engage, ask and then write it down. Look, I am not encouraging you to give away Aunt Bertha’s criminal misdeeds, or “out” little Ezekiel…just take the moment, or that tidbit of information and use it to mold your own ideas. If no stories are told and mayhem breaks out, well take notes. I am encouraging you to write about it, but leave out the names if you want to keep mom and dad on your side. You want to keep getting those holiday invites…

Whether you use this holiday to inspire your creative genius, or just sit back and revel in the time with your loved ones, we hope you have fun doing it.



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