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Hey everyone, it’s Sara,

For a couple of weeks now, we have been throwing around the idea of becoming something bigger and better, getting a makeover of sorts. And after a tremendous amount of future forecasting we have settled on the conclusion that 2 Gliterary Girls needs an extreme makeover. The kind that forces us to become better writers, open up the conversation and really focus on what our readers want.

The first step toward this future focused facelift is to reorganize and restructure the setup of our team. As such, Danaé has decided to take on the role of Contributor and I will become Managing Editor. We decided together, that we no longer want this blog to be representative of us, Sara and Danaé, instead it must represent you, the readers, writers, and like-minded members of the literary community. That requires a name change. So starting next week we will no longer be 2 Gliterary Girls. Our new name is…drumroll…


We know this isn’t a huge stretch and we definitely didn’t want to confuse anyone, so we stayed as close to home as we could. Note: our web address won’t change until the website switch in a couple of weeks.

As always, most of our content will be female focused, only there will be more of it. With the new format comes new features, for instance we will set up a forum for discussions, create a monthly newsletter, provide weekly industry news and showcase fun, reoccurring features like, indie author spotlight and reader reviews. Our content will lean toward issues that interest women, without excluding our male audience.

We hope you will journey with us on this adventure. So far it has been thrilling and a lot of fun. Once we change to our new website, all we ask is that you follow us via the RSS feed or Like us on Facebook, because we will no longer be in the WordPress feed. Don’t fret, that isn’t happening for a couple of weeks, but we will let you know as soon as it does.

Take care and we love you guys


SaraFounder and Managing Editor

Sara O'Connor
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