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sleeping-with-flyBecause Sara already gave me such a nice introduction on the main page, we can skip all that and get to one of the main points of this first post, which is that, in spite of my obvious maleness (you’ll just have to trust me on this), I am not threatened at all by being thought of as “one of the girls.”

I embrace it, actually.

With a manly hug, of course. And maybe a knuckle bump for good measure.

When Sara and I first began talking about my being a regular contributor, and what my focus could be, I suggested an inside look at being a columnist and how it can be a springboard for aspiring authors to not only sharpen their craft, but build a ready-made readership for future publications and, eventually, total financial independence.

Then we laughed and laughed!

The truth is, anyone who pursues writing as a way to become wealthy needs to take whatever they are reading this on — Kindle, iPad, 40-inch monitor — and whack themselves with it.

While there are certainly writers who become rich, it is a relative handful compared to the number of actual writers out there. However, as I said to Sara, for those who pursue the craft of writing for the sheer enjoyment of being a wordsmith, the satisfaction is worth more than any amount of money.

And then we laughed and laughed!

Ok, not really.

But we did agree that my focus would be the ins and outs of being a columnist, including how to get started, what to expect, ways to expand your readership, and how to utilize your readership to the fullest when you are ready to publish your first book. While I’ve been a columnist for 15 years (I started when I was nine), I’m in the beginning stages of publishing my first book due out in October. So anyone who follows my postings can stumble with me along what I expect to be a steep learning curve.

Because I’m 46 and have been at this for a while, I’d like to think I will be savvy when making decisions through the publication process — which is exactly the kind of thinking that will probably get me in trouble. Regardless, I encourage any of you who are interested in any of the subject matter I’ll be covering to follow along. My plan is to post something each Thursday. While I can’t always guarantee it will be educational — I’m a humor columnist, remember? — I can promise you it will be in English.

I’d like this as much as possible to be an open exchange, so please feel free to contact me here, or on my own blog, or by email.

I have included those links below.

I look forward to hearing from you — and thanks for letting me be “one of the girls.”

— Ned

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