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So, I posted on Sunday with every intention of following my set guidelines; however, this week did not turn out the way I had intended, nothing bad, just slight route diversions and much of what I intended to post, I pushed back. In fact, it I will be pushing all my reviews to post on the sale date or the week of the release date.

Now, I know most of the books we review here are female-centric and this is a blog geared toward the feminine (mostly) gender, but I feel balance is always necessary. This is also a publication about reading and writers read the most. If you write and you don’t read, you make about as much sense as a blind fashion stylist. That being, the brain trust here at Gliterary Girls headquarters (my computer, my mini Schnauzer and my coffee) have invited a very funny and very talented journalist/author to join our team. So please welcome:

Ned Hickson

Ned Hickson mug

Ned Hickson is an award-winning editor and humor columnist for the Siuslaw News, a small Oregon newspaper where the motto is:

Your dependable source for local news. Twice weekly. Unless we lose count.

He has been awarded “Best Local Column” from both the Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association and the Society of Professional Journalists.

 In 2002, he took his self-syndicated column online to newspapers and, by 2003, received his first measure of national success: A threatening letter from Velcro© for not using the “©” symbol when making fun of their product. That same year, he became a member of the National Society of Newspaper Columnists.

Currently, his weekly column appears in dozens of newspapers in the U.S. and Canada. as a syndicated columnist for News Media Corporation.

 He writes about daily life and important social issues, such as glow-in-the-dark mice and injuries caused by overheated pickles. His first book, “Finding Humor at the Speed of Life,” will be released in October from Port Hole Books. Ned lives on the Oregon coast with his wife, four children, and entirely too many seagulls.

You can write to him at [email protected], or visit his blog at www.nedhickson.wordpress.com

Again, we are thrilled to have Ned on board. Look for his column on writing and journalism and join the conversation.

Sara O’Connor


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Sara O'Connor

A dreamer, a writer, a critic, an avid reader and the endless seeker of enlightenment through education. Basically, that translates to a girl who loves to read and discusses what she is reading and writing with anyone who will listen so that she doesn’t have to think about her obscenely large student loan debt. She holds a BA in pre-law, a Masters from Northeastern University in Communication Management with a focus in Social Media Marketing and Personal Branding and is currently working on an MFA in creative writing, but believes she has learned the most from writing…lots and lots of writing. She is also the owner of the literary and lifestyle business marketing an management firm, Voir Media Group.
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  • ER Arroyo

    Welcome, Ned!

  • Reply

    Good morning. I just love the title of Ned’s book, so clever! Which begs the question: how much does a title rate on whether you want to read and review that book? I’d pick his up in a minute (and search through it at least) if I saw it in a bookstore. Thank you for your post and “Welcome, Ned.”

    • Ned's Blog

      Thanks, Ellie! I think the title is crucial, especially if you don’t have a name that’s essentially a brand like King or Grisham. They’re easy to spot because the names are actually bigger than the title of the book. Otherwise, for the rest of us, you essentially have 1 to 3 seconds to capture a potential reader’s attention and jump out from a row of books. It’s like the old saying: You don’t get a second chance at a first impression. The title, as well as the cover design, could be your only shot at making that impression. You could also try following people around the store with your book and telling them you wrote it, but some readers may find that creepy…

      • Reply

        Haha, so funny!!! We actually thought of doing that with my husband’s books, when we first found them on the shelves of a Barnes and Noble. :) What a thril! One more thing, it’s so true – I shortened my pen name on my debut novel or it would have been (almost) longer than the title – since my last name has 11 letters. It of course, will never be a big seller but it sure was a blast to write! Thanks for your commenting on my question, appreciate it.

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