HOT TICKET (Sinners on Tour) by Olivia Cunning

 In Erotic Romance


Author: Olivia Cunning
Rating: 3 out of 5 Stars
Genre: Erotic Fiction
Format: EBook
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Release Date: February 1, 2013
Recommended Reading: 18+ (Explicit Sex)

Received a free copy in exchange for an honest review


THE GIST: Once in a while a book comes along that completely blows you away and makes you wish you were the one who wrote it. Unfortunately, this is not that book. I wanted to like it. I did, especially since I enjoyed the previous book in the series. However, this one never connected. Didn’t making me salivate all over the pages begging for just one more word. This wasn’t due to poor writing, I just didn’t find the lovesick leading lady and the cry baby leading man a match made in naughty heaven. But not all was lost, this book did have some redeeming qualities. I loved the peripheral characters. They were funny and intriging to read, plus there was plenty of “on the road” antics that had me in stitches.

SYNOPSIS: “Fourth in Olivia Cunning’s hard-rockin’ erotic romance series, Hot Ticket delves into the oh-so-skilled sensuality of Sinners’ enigmatic bass guitarist, Jace Seymore.

When Jace walked through the doors of Aggie’s dungeon, the last thing he expected was to find self-forgiveness and the love of a remarkable woman. But when a terrible accident sidelines Jace during the band’s tour, the burdensome chains of his past wrap ferociously around his heart. Determined to crack through Jace’s armored shell, Aggie must go beyond her usual methods to mend his heart to love again.” (NetGalley)

THE LOWDOWN: Erotic fiction walks a fine line with porn and in order to achieve proper balance, there needs to be building passion, not just animal style monkey sex, but a real emotional connection. One of my biggest pet peeves are weak men who suffer long and play the poor me role. Seriously, momma’s baby, take off the diapers, cut the umbilical cord and grow a pair. I know I sound harsh, but it’s fiction and I can be as picky as I want. So when I learned the leading man had a penchant for punishment and only wanted his sexy time to consist of insufferable torture because of an inability to confront his mommy issues, I checked out. I knew then this book was a not my cup of naughty.

For erotic fiction to resonate, it needs to pack a heavy punch in the emotional department. I need the characters to connect on an deep level, become a champion for their love. This never came, instead I was left staring blankly at the last page asking “how did I get here?” I didn’t hate it, but I wasn’t gutted and left screaming for more. In fact I wouldn’t even ask nicely for an extra page. Passion was absent, and the result was a lackluster story with dirty love scenes and two characters that were incompatible until the very end…not that I am angry about it; that would require emotion and this book drew none from me.

On the bright side, the relationship between the band members was great fun. The antics and the behind the scenes descriptions were well written. In fact, I found myself connecting to the peripheral characters more than the leads. There was tremendous character building and self realization that I found both effective and touching. The relationships between the friends became the pivotal story for me. Cunning, the author, writes dialogue well and admittedly, SOME of her sex scenes are smokin’ hot, but definitely not for the prude, or semi prude for that matter. There is a little three-way action, some disgusting acts I wouldn’t even recommend to a porn star and if you don’t like your love interests treated like a pomeranian at a dog fight, caveat emptor.

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