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As many of you know, Gliterary Girl is always looking for new talent and once again we struck gold! Our new addition is an experienced blogger, reader and reviewer and before we throw her to the fire we want to give her a little introduction. So please welcome:



Full-time paper pusher by day and ravenous reader by night. When I’m not reading, I spend most of my time thinking about books or about writing a book. I have a very passionate love affair with coffee and Chris Hemsworth (even if he doesn’t know it)! When my nerdy side prevails, you can find me watching the Science Channel, Game of Thrones, or some kind of action hero movie. When my wild side kicks in, I usually end up in a tattoo shop, adding to the story on my skin.

I read most any fiction, from YA to Erotica, Contemporary to Dystopian and beyond. I am always on the prowl for a book with a tattooed bad boy, or one that can make me laugh, cry, or swoon!

You can read more of my reviews and musings:

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