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Fox 2000 has acquired the film rights to the award winning mega hit young adult story, The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. According to The Hollywood Reporter, French newcomer Sophie Nelisse has been cast as the young protagonist Liesel, with Geoffrey Rush (The Kings Speech) and Emily Watson (War Horse) playing her foster parents. It is rumored that this chilling tale which takes place in Germany during World War IIand is narrated by death, will be directed by Brian Percival (Downton Abbey) but this is not yet confirmed.

urlKate Winslet in Divergent? Hmmm.

Well Divergent fans, it is a rumor still, but the word is that Kate Winslet might join the cast of the upcoming YA adaptation of Veronica Roth’s bestseller, Divergent. is already speculating which character Kate will play, yet nothing has been confirmed, but our bets are on the evil Jeanine Mathews. According to Roth’s blog, this Summit Entertainment production will begin shooting this Spring in Chicago, so they better hurry up. We know so many fans are anxiously waiting, with bated breath, to see who will play the lead and love interest Four.

Oscar 2013: Books Books & More Books

Oscar loves a good book and so does Hollywood. This year, some of the best films were adapted from novels. You only have a couple weeks to start reading them if you haven’t already, because one of them will likely take home Hollywoods golden boy. Here are a few: The Silver Linings Playbook; Argo; Lincoln; The Hobbit; Beasts of the Southern Wild; Les Miserables; Skyfall and Snow White and the Hunstman.


Pride and Prejudice and the Servants – Oh My! is reporting that Random House Studios and Focus Films have acquired the rights to the soon to be released novel, Longbourne by Jo Baker.  This Pride and Prejudice spinoff, which is told from the Bennet house servants perspective gives readers/viewers a new look at the story.

“Jane Austen was my first experience of grown-up literature,” Baker said. “But as I read and re-read her books, I began to become aware that if I’d been living at the time, I wouldn’t have got to go to the ball; I would have been stuck at home with the sewing. Just a few generations back, my family were in service. Aware of that English class thing, Pride and Prejudice begins to read a little differently.”

HOTEL FOR DOGSEmma Roberts Cast in Delirium Pilot

A week ago we reported that Fox Television ordered a pilot for the hit YA book Delirium by Lauren Oliver. Well, they didn’t waste any time casting Emma Roberts (Unfabulous) as the lead, Lena. Not sure about this one folks and still now word on who will play Alex. We’ll keep you posted as casting news develops.

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