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A big warm welcome to R.L. Mathewson, NY Times bestselling author of 9 books. Not only have you written several series that we love, but you are an inspiration to many authors, for choosing  to continue to independently publish your books with tremendous success. Thank you so much for stopping by and chatting with us.

Thank you very much for having me. I’m truly honored.

GG: It’s our honor…really! So, your books come out quite regularly and your collection is rather extensive. About how long does it take you to write and edit a book?

RL: It really depends on the book. Paranormals takes quite a bit longer, because they are usually longer and there is more depth to the books. It also takes a lot of time to make sure that every little piece clicks just right to make the story work. Honestly, every story is different. Surprisingly I wrote Tall, Dark & Lonely in a month, but Playing for Keeps took me over a year to complete.

As far as the editing goes, I am constantly editing the books even as they are written. If I’m writing and something doesn’t flow or I feel as though I’ve lost touch with my characters I will go back from the beginning and read my work, editing as I go. Once I feel the story is done, it can take anywhere from a month to two months to edit the book. Size and story makes a huge difference in how fast I can put a book out.

GG: All of your series follow families or friends through trying and tough challenges, yet each book has a very distinct voice and feel. How much prep goes into your books and do you map out the overarching character relationships beforehand?

RL: Normally none. Each story starts off with a What If question. I do my best to let the story tell itself and that goes for the characters as well. I have a Neighbor From Hell novel that I will be writing that will actually take a lot of prep time before I can even finish the first chapter. I am going to be writing a character that has an incredible amount of depth based on O.C.D. and I don’t want to disrespect anyone by not putting in the time to get it right. I have a couple of friends, great ladies, who are going to help guide me through that book.

GG: We understand that you were once an E.M.T., how much of your personal experiences went into the EMS story and were any of the antics taken from real life? Also, is there a follow-up in the works?

RL: Yes, I was an EMT. I use my past experiences in those books as well as experiences from co-workers at the time. There will definitely be more books from that series, but it will be a while so I can catch everyone up on the Pyte/Series and a surprise book that I’ve been playing around with for a while.

GG: Was there anything in particular that drove your decision to write paranormal and are there any other genres you want or will write?

RL: I’d actually been playing with the Pyte idea since I was a kid. I lost a lot of sleep over the years as I worked that idea through my head. One day I had enough and decided to try my hand at writing and Tall, Dark & Lonely was the result.

I am working on a non-fiction book. I don’t think that I’ll venture off into science fiction, because I would be in way over my head on that one.

GG: We have tried searching for any information on Pytes, but we were unsuccessful. So, we would love to know, are Pytes actual mythology or did you create them?

RL: I created Pytes. It was an idea that I created when I was a child and the idea followed me into adulthood.

GG: Is there any specific character(s) that you identify with most?

RL: Jamie, definitely Jamie.

GG: We noticed you have around several books in the pipeline, some new and some sequels. Can you tell us a little something about Anger Management #1 or Paranormal?

RL: Not yet. I’m not far enough in either book to share details. I don’t want to get 75% through the book and decide that the story is taking a different direction than expected. There are several books that I’ve been toying with during my medical leave so I’m not really sure what will be published first or when.

So we usually ask the same personal questions of all our writers, because we want to know about you, the person, the writer. 

GGNow for some personal questions because as much as we love chatting about your books, we also want to know a little about you and your writing process. Finding inspiration to write can often be a great challenge for many writers and I occasionally do a piece on un-blocking your creativity. Is there any thing in particular that you use (movies, other books night out, family time) to drive your motivation when you hit a slump?

RL: If I hit a tough spot I will go back and read over my work, hoping that something clicks. If that doesn’t work I’ll move onto another manuscript and if I’m still blocked I’ll get away from my computer for a while.

GG: Do you have any advice for new authors looking to get their work published? Any complications or warning blocks you could issue as well as inspirational anecdotes.

RL: Mostly warnings, be careful who you hand your books over to. Unfortunately there is a problem right now with beta readers sharing author’s works. I’ve noticed an uprising in this problem over the past month. People will offer to help you and extra help is great, but please make sure that you know who you are handing over your hard work to. Also, I would be wary of online publishing houses. Investigate first, don’t sign anything until you know who you are dealing with. There are quite a few of them out there that take everyone, take control of your work and restrict you on what you can do.

There are a lot of options for writers so please take your time and research.

GG: I know asking for a favorite author is too broad a question and I would never expect anyone to choose just one, but is there any writer or writers that you admire and considered inspiring while writing these book?

RL: Shelly Laurenston, Kresley Cole, Julia Quinn.

GG: And finally, we want to know a little about you. Family, dogs, friends, favorite food…anything.

RL: I’m a single mother of two wonderful children. No pets, tried that, didn’t work. I love home cooked meals. Other than that I don’t know what to say. I’m pretty laid back and do my best to just enjoy life.

Thank you so much for stopping by Gliterary Girl and answering some of our hard-hitting questions ;-). It means a lot to have you stop by and mess around with us for a bit. Don’t be a stranger and we look forward to all those steamy books you have set for the future!

If you want to learn more about R.L Mathewson, or purchase her books, visit:

Website: www.rlmathewson.com

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