The Last Temptation

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I chose to do this essay with only two narrative references to “Me, myself and I” and I did it in under 600 words. Try it out and submit your version!

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[heading style=”1″]The Last Temptation[/heading]

by Sara O’Connor

God she’s so unbelievably gorgeous. Earth shattering, take home to mom, drop all your friends and hide her away on a deserted island, perfect. Tall, really tall with blonde silky hair that cascades down to her full hips, kicking up wafts of sunshine and coconuts. My little piece of heaven on earth. Everything about her is perfect, except she wears too much makeup. Her beauty is natural – she doesn’t need to hide behind it.

Beep – Beep

Her head turns toward the noise and she sashays across the room. Not really, she just walks, but the earth shifts on its axis when she does. She furrows her eyebrows. She is frustrated, possibly confused. The noise comes from her watch. Maybe. The view from here is obstructed by a bunch of funny looking, unnecessary objects and people. A bunch of people sitting around doing nothing. They might as well be invisible.

Her face perks up as she talks to one of the invisibles. A boy. He takes her mind away from those distracting beeps.

“Sure” she says to him. She flips her coconut and sunshine hair behind her shoulder. “Of course.” Her voice is low, deep with a rasp, but sexy as hell.

The invisible boy takes a seat by the door as she swooshes and sashays her way to the opposite side of he room. Her movements are rhythmic, undoubtedly sending every heartbeat in the room into cardiac arrest. As she reaches up to crank the antique latch that opens the window, a corner of her starchy white skirt climbs up just a little, but it’s enough.


A puff of dust kicks up from the window ledge. She coughs and wipes her almond eyes with the back of her hand. She continues coughing as one of the invisible people, the boy, rushes to her with a cup of water. Her hand shoots out to grab the glass, but she cant see.

“Please” she chokes.

The boy puts the water to her lips and she drinks. And drinks. And drinks until the glass is empty.

“Thank you.” A smile exposes brilliant teeth. Instantly the room feels brighter. She is attracted to the boy. It’s in her eyes, a glint, but as quickly as it appears, it vanishes. It is enough to keep the him standing there, staring longingly. A schoolboy with a hard-on for his hot teacher.

“Do you need me to get you anything else?” He moves in a step closer.

Her cheeks redden. “No. Thank you. You’ve done enough.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes.” She places her hand on his arm and they stare at each other. One of those deep stares authors love to write about.

Beep – Beep

They break their gaze and she stalks back to the other side of the room.

Thank heaven for small reprieves.

Again, the view is obstructed but she seems to be looking for something. The boy follows her, concerned, standing behind her when she turns around. Her brow once again furrowed.

“Is it…?” He can’t finish. His eyes grow sad.

“Yes.” She takes his hand in hers. “I think I should talk to everyone.”

He nods and motions for the rest to join.

“That was the Doctor. He has the results and will be in to speak with all of you shortly.” She draws in a deep shaky breath. “I’m sorry.”

“Thank you.” He pulls her into an embrace. “Our family owes you a great deal.”

She nods, pulling away, locking her gaze upon my barely conscious face, flashing a steely, clinical smile. Part pity, part relief.

It’s an unspoken goodbye.

And then she’s gone.



Sara O'Connor
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