Embrace the crazy…it is all part of ‘the process’

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Depositphotos_7032742_sWe will pack away the fairy tales from my last couple of columns (for the time being; they’ll be back) but, I thought it was time to address the elephant in the office/study/your work area of choice…you are a writer, therefore you are crazy.

There, I said it. Now, before you get all offended and start trying to think of all the sane and normal things you do with your life, I can tell you now without a shadow of a doubt, you are crazy, but, I ask that you hear me out for a minute and consider embracing it. I know, some wild thoughts on here today, huh?

It goes with the territory. Being a ‘creative’ person lends itself to a little lunacy. For starters, we hear voices….stop denying it. We have all been at work, or out for coffee when a shiny new idea pops into our head and sends us reaching for the nearest napkin and an eye liner to scrawl it out or regret it later (thank god for the invention of smartphones. Now we can make it look like we are just blending in while we take our little notes!) Those voices, the ones that create that perfect moment of tension in your novel, or get your characters all steamed up, they are awesome and proof that the madness is there to stay. I for one am delighted to have them and hope they don’t leave…I personally intend to ensure they are my pension fund!

If one of your non-writer friends called you up and said ‘a voice in my head just told me to…’ fill in the blanks yourself, no matter what they said, you would be edging away slowly…right? Creative types are supposed to hear those voices, they are the lifeblood of all the awesome twists and turns, plot points and wonderful, engrossing characters.

I have thought about this a lot lately as I have been trying to get to grips with ideas for the final book in my trilogy and I think we all need to embrace it and worry not that we hear them, but what would happen if they stopped?? I shudder at the thought!

So, there it is…we are all mad, but we should be happy about it…who wants to be normal anyway?!




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