LUSH (Delicious #3) by Lauren Dane

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Lush On bookLUSH (Delicious #3)

Author: Lauren Dane
Rating: 3 out of 5 
Genre: Erotic/Contemporary Romance
Format: ARC
Publisher: Berkley Trade
Release Date: April 2, 2013
Recommended Reading: AGE+ 18

Heart shape kissing lipsHeart shape kissing lipsHeart shape kissing lipsHeart shape kissing lipsHeart shape kissing lips


Explicit language, Sexual Situations etc.

Contains No Spoilers

Received a free copy in exchange for an honest review[divider top=”0″]

OVERALL THOUGHTS: There are some books that are knock it out of the park amazing and some that are so bad they strike out before even getting up to bat (I know that doesn’t make actual sense, but you get the picture). Then there are books like Lush, that have good content, decent narration, relatively fleshed out characters, but nothing significant enough to be more than average. An enjoyable sexy beach read that didn’t make me scream for more when the book reached its climax. In other words, I enjoyed my time while it lasted, but I did not intend to   my welcome. So pick up Lush if you are in the market for a quickie…wink, wink. (I am on a roll tonight).

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SYNOPSISUSA Today bestselling author Lauren Dane delivers a second serving of sexy in her new Delicious novel, in which taste and temptation make up a sweet recipe…

Mary Whaley has her hands full running a successful catering company and overseeing her supper club. She has everything she ever wanted—or so she thought. When she meets ridiculously hot and very dirty rock star Damien Hurley at her friend’s engagement party, the attraction she feels is overpowering—and she isn’t about to deny herself.

Damien is used to a hard and fast life. He and two of his brothers started a band when they were fresh out of high school—then they hit the big time and stayed there. He’s also a legendary madman on the stage and in the bedroom. But when he meets Mary, something clicks, and the bad boy starts thinking he may have finally found something good.

What begins as a series of fleeting trysts soon gets much more complicated. Damien can’t figure out why Mary doesn’t want more from him. And before long, it’s Damien who wants more from Mary. But it turns out Mary is no stranger to celebrity news, and he’s got a very big job ahead of him: proving that he’s worth more than a one-night stand…


THE LOWDOWN: This book is sexy as hell, the language is racy (that sounded like something my grandma would say) and the male protagonist is confident, tattooed and a rock star. Yet it wasn’t that much different from any of the other books I have read with beefed up dirty sex scenes and a leading lady who tames a wild inked up rock god. The only difference is she likes to cook…oh wait, that’s been done already. My bad, let’s try this again. She is from Washington, near Seattle and he’s from Oregon. Nope…still not original. So scratch that, there really isn’t anything that fresh about this book, except he is a millionaire and not a billionaire. 😉

The story was sweet but a little confusing, but that’s because I am new to this series so it took a while to figure out all the supporting characters and there were a lot. Jules, Gillian, Miles, Daisy, Adrian, Sharon, Jeanne, Cal, Levi, Paddy – I know I am forgetting some, oh yeah, Lucy, Ricky, Fred and Ethel. (for you youngsters…the last four were a joke). There is a problem when you need to have a scratch pad with you to remember who is married to whom and which ones are friends versus family. Plus, they are in almost all the scenes that don’t have sex in them. But on the good side, I really enjoyed the peripheral characters so it was time well spent.

The nice part about this book was it wasn’t saturated with over-the-top sex. Page after page of two people having sex like the last two bunnies left on earth. No, this author chose to formulate a story around the sexy time and I loved that. It made me connect with the couple and feel their pain. The problem was there wasn’t too much controversy. What was there was minimal and felt forced, like the author couldn’t come up with something so she stuck with the obvious. In fact, it was so obvious I knew two chapters in how the story was going to play out. And if I had to hear Mary the protagonist complain about the male interest Damien being a man-whore one more time, I was going to scream, especially after all that he does for her. It was nauseating and it made me drop the rating down a half a notch. The other annoying distraction? Mary’s perfect cooking abilities. She was so amazing and her palate so refined, I struggled to believe this girl didn’t walk on water. I wanted to see flaws that are more realistic (or any for that matter). She was perfect, he was once a bastard, but not with her and well…read it to find out how it ends, but I am guessing you could take a gander and get it right, sight unseen.

FINAL THOUGHTS: For a good time read Lush, but don’t expect much in the way of groundbreaking romance, because you will probably be disappointed.

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