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Kiss The Dead On BookAnita Blake: Vampire Hunter Series (21 books)

Author: Laurell K. Hamilton
Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars
Genre: Paranormal/Fantasy
Format: Ebook/Print
Recommended Reading: AGE 17+

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Sexual Situations and Adult Language

Contains no spoilers[divider top=”0″]

This series follows a strong, independent woman as she grows into her powers as a necromancer and helps the police solve preternatural crimes around St. Louis, and occasionally around the country. In this 21 (soon to be 22) book series, Anita Blake evolves from a temperamental,  stubborn, tough-as-nails vampire hunter who is incapable of having a healthy relationship to a strong, confident,  still stubborn, tough-as-nails federally sanctioned vampire hunter. Her transformation, which takes place over 20 years, is much like the kind we all go through in our lives, making the character human and relatable.

Anita Blake is, by this point in the series, a necromancer, a U. S. Marshall who hunts vampires around the country, a succubus, and the girlfriend to the most beautiful men you will ever read about. She is virtually indestructible and, like a true human, is still terrified of being vulnerable. Her story explores the struggles we face as we learn who we are personally, professionally, and romantically. Her greatest asset throughout the books are her friends, showing that you can get through anything with enough love. And, it doesn’t hurt that the love scenes are incredible!

As Laurell K. Hamilton walks you through the series, she leads you on a road of self-discovery on which you find yourself asking “Do I stop myself from getting what I want like she does?” You are forced to confront your own neuroses as Anita confronts hers.

Now, I LOVE the first 3 books with a passion. I couldn’t put them down, and even reread them a year later because I could. From book 4 to book 15 I was entertained, but the passion I felt had left. I felt there was more time devoted to the romances and not enough devoted to the growth of Anita or the crime fighting and vampire hunting. Then it picks up again, and by book 21 I am addicted once more. Now, this criticism is not to say that those books are bad, or poorly written, they hold some of the best writing I have ever encountered. However, they are not what I fell in love with. But, without all those pieces in the middle filled with great love, raunchy sex, sweet love-making, and the occasional bad-ass action scene, the story would have stopped, and I wouldn’t love what came after. When my friends ask for a recommendation to read that is entertaining, well written, but not too heavy, this is what I suggest. But I always do it with a warning: this is a 21 book series that you won’t want to put down, so be prepared to run to the bookstore or library frequently,  you will be addicted after your first taste.

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