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Bloodsucking Friends BookBloodsucking Fiends

Author: Christopher Moore
Rating: 3 out of 5
Format: Ebook, Print
Publisher: Harper Collins
On Sale Date: June 1st, 2004
Genre: Romance, Vampire
Age: 17+

Contains No Spoilers

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[note color=”#cbe7b7″]SYNOPSIS: After young Jody is bitten by a vampire she awakens confused and without guidance on how to be a good vampire.  She very quickly learns that she needs blood to survive and a daytime companion to help her accomplish daily tasks.  She enlists a 19-year-old writer named Tommy to help her in this goal.  Tommy quickly falls for Jody and they enter into a rocky and very passionate romance. Tommy and Jody spend all day sleeping, or at least Tommy sleeps while Jody is dead to the world, and evenings are enjoyed together as only a young couple in love can do.  At night Tommy leaves for work at the Marina Safeway where he manages the night shift of stock boys known as “the Animals.” Meanwhile, the vampire that turned Jody begins to wreak havoc on Jody and Tommy by killing humans and leaving them to be linked to the young couple.  The story unfolds as many characters get to know the couple and help them to defeat the old vampire who is messing with the protagonists for pleasure.[/note]

OVERALL THOUGHTS: Christopher Moore writes in a humorous voice that is mature and eloquent.  His exaggeration of the regular qualities of the characters makes for a funny and entertaining story.  In this tale the characters you encounter are mostly stereotypical outsiders who moved to “the City” to find a new life that is far more exciting than the one they could have had back home.  Jody is your typical leggy redhead who is afraid to be alone in life and will go through almost anything to have a man take care of her.  Tommy is an aspiring writer who left his quiet town in Indiana where the man on his father’s bowling league who bowled a 300 is king. The Emperor is a vagabond who roams San Francisco with his loyal canine companions, Bummer and Lazarus, and takes it upon himself to rid his home of the bloodsucking fiend who is haunting the city.  The Animals, Tommy’s rag tag band of coworkers, are all individual hyperboles of young men you would encounter working a night shift in a grocery store.  There’s the “chemist,” Drew, who provides the group with the necessary illicit substances to turn any boring overnight shift into a party.  Then you have Simon, the cowboy who has never actually seen a cow, horse, or anything that goes along with that lifestyle beyond being from Texas.  The others all fall into some category that enhances the story in some way.

Moore has a simple way of telling stories that is entertaining and easy to read.  This delightful story went by quickly as I had a hard time putting it down.  The wit and jokes were constant and welcome.  Though the story followed an almost expected path, it wasn’t boring and entirely predictable.  Moore’s storytelling is light and funny, and I would recommend this story as a light read, some brain candy to relax to.

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