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 Depositphotos_7032742_sBefore I really get into this, I just want to reiterate my huge thanks to Gliterary Girl and all the awesome bloggers that signed up for the Ashes Book Blog was incredible and I am delighted with everyone’s efforts in helping me spread the word about my books. So, thank you!

I spent a long time really thinking about what I would write in this column this month….I like to try give some advice (of my limited experience!) or answer questions I know readers and other new authors ask. This time, if you will indulge me, I’d like to have a little public freak out about the pressure of completing a series to 1) a deadline (pulls hair out) and 2) to meet expectations of the readers.

It might be taboo to admit this is really stressing me out? Yeah, well….honesty is the best policy…blah! Now before we begin, do not misunderstand any of these comments for me being ungrateful for the position I find myself in…not the case. I am still blown away that people read my work and enjoy it, that is amazing to say the very least.

I think it is more adapting to having an audience which is scary. I love it and feel very blessed, but in the same breath I feel the weight of completing the final installment in The Foresight Series is growing daily. It isn’t a weight that I have to write it; writing and I are great buddies. It isn’t a weight that I don’t have every single plot point figured out right now…but, it scares the crap out of me that for the first time I must have it ready by a deadline. The other two books were complete before I had to submit them to my publisher so it was plain sailing! That and I wrote them for me, as I thought and felt they should be written, in essence, I wrote them selfishly.

Now, even though I have more time to complete the third book (I am already 17k in) than it took me to write the second one entirely, so I outright KNOW I have more than enough time, I still look at my laptop with fear and loathing as it taunts me from its unopened position on the table. So, there is a small time awareness issue I am feeling right now, but I think the greatest challenge lies in how I tie up a story that many people now care about, not just me.

I am not crazy enough to think that I could satisfy every reader with the third instalment. I know from my experiences as a reader that the way in which books conclude, especially books in a series, will always divide even the most devout of fans. Put simply, I cannot possibly please everyone…rationally I know this, but I am inherently a ‘yes’ person, a people pleaser. The idea of letting people down that have supported me and my story throughout is a scary thought indeed.

So, I suppose this is a plea from an author to readers on behalf of fledgling authors everywhere….be gentle with me!

Amy Keen
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