THE GREAT GATSBY movie review

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Director: Baz Lurhman

Screenwriter(s): Baz Lurhman, Craig Pearce

Based on a Book By: F. Scott Fitzgerald

Actors: Leonardo DiCaprio, Toby McGuire, Carey Mulligan

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When I was in 10th grade my class read “The Great Gatsby”. It was the only book in my English class that I really loved, and of course we had movie day to end the unit and we watched the old school Great Gatsby film with Robert Redford and Mia Farrow and it was great. I really enjoyed that film….until I saw Baz Lurhman’s interpretation of The Great Gatsby. OH MY GOSH IT WAS AWESOME.

To give a brief rundown, the story is narrated by Nick Carroway (Toby McGuire). He tells the tale of Jay Gatsby (Leonardo DiCaprio) and his extravagant parties and amazing life and his long lost love Daisy Buchanan (Carey Mulligan). Without giving away too much, I will say its sort of the ultimate love gone wrong story, with a load of twists and turns and a whole lot of deceit.

The film itself follows the book to a tee. It was exactly like the book. I wasn’t actually expecting it to be so accurate, but I was so impressed that they didn’t change anything. Kudos Mr. Luhrman for that. But in true Baz Luhrman style it was a bit of a spectacle but I mean that in the best way possible. Think Moulin Rouge hits the 1920s and there you have Gatsby.

The one compliant I’ve heard more than once from those that have seen it was actually about the way the music was incorporated. For some the musical stylings of Jay-Z in the midst of the 1920s didn’t quite work, but personally I loved it. It gave it a modern feel even though everything in it was “old”. The extravagance of the parties in the film was absolutely breathtaking. I’m not much of a partier but I’m already planning my Gatsby party for my birthday *winks smiles*

I could rave for days about The Great Gatsby, but I’ll spare you the read. With a stellar ensemble cast, the best soundtrack I’ve heard in ages, and parties that make me long for speakeasies and secret passwords, The Great Gatsby is a win all around and a MUST, MUST, MUST see for the summer… and a must read if you haven’t already.

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