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 In So you want to write a book

There is a lot of buzz going around about indie writers making it big – all the way to that coveted NY Times Bestseller list. And it happens, it really happens. But it isn’t free and the investment requires not only money but also time and a commitment to your story, your sales and yourself. Now, we’ve already discussed the book cover and blurb aspect of marketing, we have scraped the surface of the importance of editing, but we haven’t really focused on you – the writer.

Me? You ask. But I’m not on the cover. I sit in my writers hole, pump out a book without ever-changing out of the tattered, yet comfy clothes I slept in… if I even slept at all.

Yes, you!

Your image is important. Now I just got done writing to one of my clients about this, so if you are reading this nameless writer that I adore, you are the inspiration for this article. Not because I don’t like your pic (I am still speaking to her, even if she isn’t listening), but because I think your image deserves better than a snapshot taken by your computer. That goes for all hopeful, inspired future authors. You need to care about what people think of you, not just your work.

But why?

Well that is simple, if you look successful, people will believe you are. Would you go on a job interview wearing that tattered nightgown? Okay, pretend you aren’t a stay at home writer. Well, would you? I hope not. Think of your sales as your job interview. Each reader who clicks on your book or sees your Goodreads profile will ponder your credibility. Yup, you heard me, they will wonder if you are credible and talented based on the time you took out of your long day to post a proper photo.

If it didn’t work, publishing companies wouldn’t spend the money to market the writer as well as the book. They wouldn’t get these talented artists headshots or even post a photo under their carefully drafted bio. They would say, “I ain’t spending money on that… you have a camera on your computer – use it!” If you want to run with the big dogs, you need to play like them too.

And face it. It’s not that big a deal. If you can’t afford to get a pro photo, at least get one of your friends with a fancy camera to take you to the park, snap some shots and upload them to one of those great editing programs that can turn a hairless chihuahua into a prize-winning poodle. It will make all the difference, both personally and professionally.

Below is a before and after shot of my husband. I took both photos at the park just for fun. I am only showing what some simple adjustments can do to home photos. (no judgments people – he doesn’t even know I posted this… shhh).

If you want to discuss more about your image, feel free to contact me through my PR site. I love to chat and

I will help in whatever way I can.

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