LEVITATE A NOVELLA by Kendra Saunders

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Our friend author Kendra Saunders is inviting you to read her new novella. This serialized Dystopian tale will be posted piecemeal on her website, with a new chapter each week. Starting tomorrow, Friday the 1st of August chapter 2 will be available, so head over and read what will definitely be a fantastic tale.


Elise Wilde journeys into the dangerous reality of futuristic city New Canterbury’s upper echelon, pretending to be someone she’s not in an attempt to steal a much needed medicine for her best friend. She is aided in her deceit by Anders St. Rhys, a mysterious man who drifts in and out of the city’s most secret places.

When Elise encounters Jameson Yorke, though, her plan is thrown into chaos. Jameson offers Elise access to everything she’s ever wanted, including the antidote her best friend needs… but Jameson is a member of the royal family.

And the royal family is famously, terrifyingly cruel…


Kendra L. Saunders is an author, interviewer, fashionista and photographer. She is the author of dark comedy Death and Mr. Right (Spence City, 10/20/2013), a short story collection, Overlapping Visions and magic realism novel Inanimate Objects, as well as the serialized dystopian novel Levitate. Some of her recent interviews include #1 NY Times Bestselling author Jennifer L. Armentrought, goth rocker Aurelio Voltaire and Fashion Designers Dmitry Sholokhov and Fabio Costa. Kendra’s photography focus is on light sources, dilapidated buildings and androgynous people. She prefers to shoot in black and white.

Title: Levitate
Author: Kendra L. Saunders
Publication Date: 7/2013-
Suggested age range: 13 & up



Twitter: @Kendrybird

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